Traffic Travis Review

Traffic TravisTraffic Travis is a well known traffic and SEO application which has recently been upgraded to version 4.0. A lot of programs claim to help you improve the performance of your online ventures, but Traffic Travis is one of the few that really delivers. Here are some of the things we like best about Traffic Travis.

The Basics on Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a software program that deals with virtually every aspect of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. It not only monitors traffic, but it also features an array of powerful tools for analyzing traffic patterns and keywords, and can also provide an assessment of the effectiveness of your website as well as clear and easy to understand advice as to how to improve your site’s performance.

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The basic version of Traffic Travis, which includes tracking for search engine and keyword rankings, PPC keyword performance, and SEO analysis, is available for free.

Users can also upgrade to the Professional version for $97. Traffic Travis 4.0 Professional includes more advanced functionality, most notably the MySite On-Page SEO Advisor tool, which provides you with an extremely detailed rundown of every aspect of your page’s SEO performance.

Traffic TravisKeyword Research with Traffic Travis

The free version of Traffic Travis provides detailed information on keywords, including keyword rankings. You can use this tool to see which keywords are most popular, and which ones your direct competitors are using. This, in turn, provides insight as to where the real money making opportunities are.

With the Professional version of Traffic Travis, you can take keyword research to an entirely new level. Traffic Travis can analyze the difficulty of any keyword, taking a multitude of factors into consideration, such as the keyword’s popularity among advertisers, search users, and other websites, as well as PPC and AdWords performance and prices for the keyword in question. The keyword research component along makes Traffic Travis one of the most powerful internet marketing tools we’ve seen; while doing this type of research on your own would take hours, Traffic Travis makes the process quick and simple, and makes it much easier to determine which strategy is right for your business.

Traffic Travis: The Ultimate SEO Tool

Traffic Travis can tell you what you’re doing right in terms of SEO, as well as what you can improve upon. This instant analysis helps to remove the trial and error aspect that might have been necessary before in order to determine the effectiveness of your SEO. The MySite Advisor in the Professional version of Traffic Travis is especially useful in this respect. MySite analyzes every aspect of your page’s SEO, and tells you in simple terms whether you’re doing it right or, if not, what you need to do to address the problem. Using Traffic Travis is like having access to an SEO expert 24/7.

Making Sense of Traffic with Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis also provides information and analysis on various aspects of your traffic. Advanced backlink analysis is another feature unique to the Professional version, and this tool is especially helpful. You can learn about the details and effectiveness of not only your own backlinks, but those of your competitors, and you can then use this information to draw backlinks away from your competitors’ sources. This is just another way in which Traffic Travis helps you make major improvements to the overall performance of your business.


We consider Traffic Travis to be the best overall SEO software currently available. With a large number of powerful functions, in conjunction with a well designed and easy to use interface, this program becomes an indispensable tool for anyone involved in internet marketing at any level. As such, we recommend Traffic Travis to all users.

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